Trey Pennington – A Last Chat

Posted on September 8, 2011


The social media world is in shock, hurting and missing you @treypennington.  And even though I wasn’t a close tweep, I do remember many the playful conversations we had.  What I realized early on is what a good guy you were and how much you cared about others.  That is what drew me to you.  And I guess that is what is really tugging at my heart.  A man who cared so much for others and felt such a loss, hopelessness, emptiness as to end his life.

 Many are questioning ourselves…how could we not have recognized your cry for help, how could we not have realized how much you needed us to do more than be a Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter friend.  I never met you IRL, but have been reading endless stories where those in your presence said such a gift of yours was to make them feel like there was no one else in the room more important when they talked to you.  Trey, what a gift that was that you gave to each of person who crossed your path.  Sadly we needed someone to make you realize that there was no one more important in our room than you.

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