Changing “I Don’t Think So” Into “Oh Yeah Baby”

Posted on March 27, 2013


This is a post about turning the “I don’t think so” into “oh yeah baby.”  It is about turning those moments in life when everything seems impossible into something that is good and at moments even awesome.

What motivated me to write this post?  Well, a facebook friend who shared this incredible video of Sergio Garcia showing us that having a ball land in a tree is no reason you can’t make a really good golf shot.  Yep, I said a really good golf shot from a ball in a tree.   Let’s think about this for a moment.  You have two options when your golf ball gets stuck in a tree at a major golf event.  The first option?  Well, you can just give up because yes, this situation looks absolutely impossible with no good options.  Sergio, we can certainly understand if you decide to say “um, yeah, there is no way I can make this shot from the tree?  Seriously?  I don’t think so.”  How many of you have been in that seemingly impossible situation where at first glance (well, okay maybe multiple glances) you’re thinking there are no options for you.

Let’s move to option two?  Yes, the little white bugger is stuck in the middle of the tree thanks to your errant shot.  What is your option if you decide you don’t want to give up and simply say “I don’t think so.”  Well, how about climbing up the tree to figure out what your options are to go ahead and hit the shot.  Do you make a behind-your-back between-your-legs shot (NO GARCIA, bad idea and for all the reasons we viewers can imagine!)  or do you make a behind-your-back one-handed chop shot and hope you miss the big branch directly in the path of your ball which could make the between-your-legs shot seem quite a low risk shot.

What I love about the video is you can see his mind creatively figuring out the options.  Most of these options  seem impossible by those of us amateurs who were watching the video.  I also love the fact that you can see that Sergio never sees himself as stuck with no options, giving up and  saying “I don’t think so.”  What you do observe is his mind is saying is “I can and I will.”  What happens next is not only does he hit the shot one-handed, behind-the-back and avoiding the big branch is that he actually hits it on the green and pretty close to the hole.  Trust me, pretty awesome.

So I’m thinking wouldn’t it be cool if we approached every obstacle and opportunity with “I can and I will.”  What would happen if each day we walked into our job, our life with those five words as our mantra?  Hmm, I’m thinking the result would be “Oh yeah baby.”  Just my thinking.  You?


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