Lessons Learned from Little Due Amici

Posted on April 9, 2013


Little Due

This is my Little Due Amici.  She is my furry companion on this journey called life who has unknowingly, or at least I think so,  taught me a few life lessons (some I knew, but simply needed a reminder).  Little Due had somehow gotten lost from her mom and family, and found herself on her own at less than five weeks old, which shall we say is way too young for a young kitten to deal with life by herself.

When I met this little tyke, she was a filth bucket.  If you had asked me what color she was when I first met her, well, I would have said she was a really dark brown.  I could tell from the way she cleaned herself once I took her home that she had done her best to keep clean, but there is only so much you can do when you’re homeless and living on the streets.

So, what could this homeless, tiny, little filthy tyke teach me?  Well this…

  1. Never Lose Hope:  For Little Due with no mom and siblings, life must have seemed daunting.  She lived homeless for at least a week in the middle of a hot and very humid August.   Hungry, tired, thirsty, lost and all on her own in a busy downtown area of Columbus Ohio, one can only imagine things would seem hopeless.  But for this tiny little furry being, well, she kept trying to find a better life.  She never lost hope.
  2. Aim Your Sights High:  Little Due navigated her way through busy intersections during happy hour on a Friday narrowly avoiding being hit by distracted motorists.  Slowly staggering past a hotel, cuban cafe, hipster bar patio, through a busy upscale italian restaurant patio until she collapsed under the owner’s table.   Yes, the owner of Due Amici, thus her name.  She could have chosen many other options, but she was aiming high.  The owner of a restaurant who could make her fresh salmon on a nice plate and fresh bowl of water with ice cubes.  Now, I didn’t know I was part of the equation…her new home.
  3. When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade:  Little Due had lived outside for at least a week, according to the vet, during which I know she was introduced to the feathered birds and let’s just say, she loves birds.  When I brought Due to her new home, she didn’t get to see birds because I lived high up in a high rise and not in a great part of Columbus.  My tiny apartment was on the 13th floor which meant only a couple times a year she would see the Canadian geese migrate (well, to be honest, the geese would often get confused and fly back and forth more than twice a year.)   Now what flew by often, and usually at night, were the police helicopters.  Little Due would absolute go nuts stalking the strobe lights and making the strange little noise cats make when stalking a bird.  So yeah, maybe these birds had propellers and not feathers, but a cat can still stalk.
  4. Enjoy and Appreciate the Moment:  You see, this is not my strong point.  I tend to be a bit driven and focused on  work, getting things done.  I forget to simply sit and appreciate the sound of the birds, or drop of raindrops on the air conditioner.  Little Due does and she gets mad at me if I don’t.  She let’s me know by coming up and biting me or the laptop computer that she hates with a passion.

What lessons has your little furry or non-furry child taught you?

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