Cancer, F**K You. Just Saying.

Posted on April 17, 2013


Yeah, okay the lyrics aren’t quite appropriate, but those of you familiar with my blog know I like to add the music with the blog as music is a huge part of me.  I must say when looking for the F**K You songs, well, you’re a bit limited on choices.  Yes, this is a F**K You post.

I’ve watched too many good friends have to deal with this dreaded disease and some lose the fight way too soon.  Learning that @IkenCEO passed this weekend due to Cancer tipped me over the edge.  Too many good people have left this spinning globe too soon due to cancer and I’m just saying enough is enough.  Right now Cancer, I say F**K You, and I think right now all of us on the spinning globe need to say F**K You collectively with our dollars  to find a cure for this damn disease.  Anyone else ready to join me in saying F**K You Cancer?

If so, let’s put dollars behind this F**K You campaign.  Here are two resources and I know there are many others.  Isn’t it time to say no.  We’re not going to take any more without a fight to find a cure.  I’m thinking the time is now.  Join me and add other good F**K You Cancer organizations for people to donate money to find a cure to this dreadful disease.

American Cancer Society


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