Elizabeth Miles, aka @IkenCeo

Posted on April 17, 2013


Today before lunch, I got on twitter to see if anything new had been discovered regarding the Boston Marathon tragedy, and instead I learned the passing of one of my early twitter friends @IkenCEO from @BrianInkster’s beautiful tribute and @Vidocq_CC’s beautiful tribute.  I can’t even begin to explain the heavy sadness that hit my heart to hear that the world and twitterverse had lost this lovely woman.

I’ll be honest, I don’t quite remember how Elizabeth and I connected with each other.  Am thinking somehow through some legal technology connection with both of us being technology geeks, but I do remember we connected early on.  I loved her playfulness, great sense of humor, geekiness, forward-thinking mind, strategic sense, humanness and how much she enjoyed connecting people and really getting to know the you that you were beyond the twitter handle.

After some months of watching the U.S. economy take a nose dive south, I found myself suddenly laid off in a world where I recognized it would be sometime before any job opportunities would show themselves.  Things were bad, and well, I was a bit down realizing how grim things would be for a bit.  Somehow I think Elizabeth (aka, @IkenCEO) sensed where I was and invited me via email to a picnic to be held in a couple of days.  When I read her email, well, I made the assumption that it was a picnic over in the UK and being recently unemployed with a less than optimistic short-term future, I couldn’t see how I could spend that much money.  I fretted because I thought it was so kind of her to think of inviting me and I didn’t want to tell her I couldn’t come.  Finally I emailed her and said, well, I simply couldn’t afford to come with the economy the way it was and my job situation.  She said to me, “Debs (and only my mom had ever called me that and it endeared me to Elizabeth), it is a twitter virtual picnic.”

Let me say, that picnic Elizabeth invited me to was the best thing that happened to me.  I met so many wonderful  people who have become friends –  @clarinette02 , @Evie_G_L,  @Vidocq_CC, @BrianInkster and so many others.  Elizabeth was a connector of people, and a woman who truly cared about people and the loveliness of things.  I’ll never forget her comment on a blog post I wrote about a homeless man named George who shared my Starbucks office when I was unemployed.

I’m asked often when I talk about social media if we really can connect as humans on these social platforms, and the answer is yes.  That is the gift that twitter brings, and I think those of us who have been in the twitterverse for years can attest to.  We’ve seen it.  One can only watch the outpouring of emotions with the loss of Elizabeth to realize human connectedness can happen.  I think this post sums up the connectedness that Elizabeth brought to twitter which is the essence of what social media should be and this post from @heathertowns.

Elizabeth was a gardener in this garden called twitterverse.  She’s planted many seeds and many of us have grown, and there will be an emptiness without her.

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