Freak Out

Posted on July 9, 2013


So I must say that when I was thinking about moving south to take the job in Atlanta I had heard that the bugs were a bit big.  Let me just say that I am afraid of bugs.  Not the small tiny ones.  I’m good with those.  Tiny meaning very tiny and difficult to see.  Not a big enough size to make you think you could saddle them up for a trail ride.  Knowing that the bugs were a bit of an impressive size, well, I keep a very clean place.  Sterile might be a good way to describe it as I am afraid of the big bugs.  Now what I didn’t realize is that if you get endless rain, well, the bugs are much like humans…they want to get out of the endless rain and dry out a tad.  Thus this post.  Yep, hot Atlanta has decided this summer to be soggy, drippy Atlanta and the bugs are totally done with the rain.  Thus….

Yep, enter the big giant bugs.  And when I mean big, well I mean big.  Now while for me, it means freak out when I open my eyes to see an uninvited guest staring at me.  For Little Due, well, she is thinking SCORE!!  It is hunting time and she can’t think of a better toy to play with.  So while I do freak out, she does a celebration dance.  What little miss does not realize is that in her pride to show me her kill I’ve become a bit less scared.  Maybe a bit less of a freak out.

How can I tie this to business?  Well, maybe that when we have no choice but to face our fears we tend to freak out a little less.  You think?  I’ll let us ponder on that while I go pick up the bug kill from the little one.

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