Hey America, What’s Going On

Posted on July 24, 2016


I need to be honest and say that I’m still trying to wrap my head around what happened at the RNC in Cleveland last week.  The hate and fear of four days was too much to watch.  I have many good friends who are Republicans.  Hard working, loving, good people, and I shuddered to think of what they must have felt watching what was going on.  I’ve always made it a point to not discuss politics publicly, but to be honest, I will feel bad if Trump gets elected and I’ve not done something.  What I can do is write, and hopefully encourage folks to get out and vote.

You see, one of my core values is to have relationships with those who are diverse from who I am. Whether that is political or religious beliefs, color of skin, country you live in, sexual orientation, gender, income level, even age.  In my opinion, this brings the richness of being human and provides the fullness of experience of living on this spinning globe.

I’ve met many immigrants in KC, Ohio and Atlanta, and what I can say is my immigrant friends are very hard working, and very appreciative to be living the American Dream, even though their dream involves long hours and lots of hard work that many Americans born in this country would not want to do. My Muslim friends are peaceful, kind and generous people who would help me out in an instant of need.

I’ve lived in low-income areas more than once and have seen what our lower-income black have dealt with in terms of the potential for a future of opportunity.  It wasn’t there for them, and the racism was very real and blatant.  What I did see is a sense of community, and to be honest, even though I was one of the few whites, the fellow tenants (some of sketchy jobs) took care of me and my jeep.  And, even liked my kitten.

So, America?  What’s going on.  I know that we can be better than what we saw at the RNC convention.  I know we are smarter than this.  Do we want the Presidency to be a reality show we live through for four years?  Do we want a bully sitting at the table making decisions for America on the global stage?  If someone acted as he has in the workplace, well, they would be reprimanded.  In school, principals office.

What’s going on?  I don’t understand it.  I don’t like it.  We’re better than this.  I know we are.  We need a leader who doesn’t lie about the facts.  Who admits when he/she has made a mistake…hey, we’re human, that happens.  Who doesn’t bully or incite violence.  Who doesn’t attack behind a keyboard on Twitter.  Who respects those of different genders, race, ethnicity, beliefs, orientation and who strives to work collaboratively here in the U.S. and abroad for the good of the globe.

Let’s stop this train wreck.  It is important not only for us in the U.S., but for our fellow global citizens.  Make sure you vote.  Even if not for Hillary, make your voice known.  Every vote counts, which means even yours.



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