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Elizabeth Miles, aka @IkenCeo

April 17, 2013


Today before lunch, I got on twitter to see if anything new had been discovered regarding the Boston Marathon tragedy, and instead I learned the passing of one of my early twitter friends @IkenCEO from @BrianInkster’s beautiful tribute and @Vidocq_CC’s beautiful tribute.  I can’t even begin to explain the heavy sadness that hit my heart […]

Hello Blog, My Old Friend

March 23, 2013


My dear blog.  It has been a while.  Okay, a long while.  Well, a very long while.  I’ve wanted to come visit you, but for some reason I couldn’t figure out what to say to you.  I’m still not sure I know what to say, but I do want to apologize for ignoring you.  A […]

You’ve Got A Friend

March 24, 2011


Today I lost a very good friend, one I’ve known for 18 years…one who no matter what decision I made or didn’t make stuck by my side.  She never judged whether it was right, wrong, good or really stupid.  She just stuck by me.  She traveled with me with her bowl and her blanket trusting […]

Happy and blessed New Year Tweeps

January 4, 2011


Wishing the best for each and every one of you tweeps.  I truly appreciate each of you.  Thanks for letting this tyke stay a tad under the radar to take care of a good friend.  See you this 2011 year.

A Post in Honor of My Friend Judy…on an Anniversary

September 24, 2010


We are approaching an anniversary date of the loss of a dear friend of mine.  Ms. Judy, who I’ve introduced you to in previous posts.  She’s been on my mind lately.  Perhaps it could be that the KC Chiefs are undefeated and this little die hard fan would be jumping up and down, and frankly, […]

I’ll Be Around…just saying

September 23, 2010


Okay, I hate coming to a fork in the road.  It appears I’ve reached the fork.  And geez, I’ll be honest, thought it would be easier.  Thought I would always know what to do, know what to say, but I must say, no clue.  Do you ever reach that moment in life when you are […]

Can you stop the rain

September 9, 2010


Those closest to me will get this post.  Otherwise enjoy Peabo at his best.  Sweet song, great words. I appreciate you dear peeps, trust me, helping me through that you don’t know you are helping me through.  And truly I mean thank you from the deepest part of my heart.  Can you stop the rain?  […]