Who Am I?

I’m passionate about people.  I’m passionate about tennis.  I’m passionate about sports.  I’m passionate about learning.  I’m passionate about teaching people how to leverage all things technology to help them reach their business, and personal goals.

My passion is helping people understand that technology is not difficult. Whether it is document management, client relationship management or social media, it is not the technology, but rather the business goals that are most important to focus on. Truly anyone can learn the technology (that is the easy part), it is how to leverage it to achieve the goals that is most important.

My background includes seven years of business consulting to non-profits, particularly focused on Head Start programs, and ten years of IT/legal marketing for a midwest law firm before getting a head on introduction to just how bad the economy was in what was a gift of a layoff.

Day gig consists of teaching my attorneys and staff how to leverage Client Relationship Management software and social media for business development, and my night job, well, pursuing the dream of becoming a professional tennis player.  Nothing better than feeling and hearing the ball come off the racquet with a well hit ball.  Now, I know you are probably laughing at me right now, but it is true.  I love comments on my blog, but please, no comment to burst my dream bubble.

I’m also a writer who simply captures the moments of our life in a story.  I’ve been told I’m a “story teller”, and yes, I believe that is probably true.  I take snapshots of life, only it is with words.

You can reach me at the following:

Deb Dobson

Social Media Strategist

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